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Dear former, present and (hopefully) future friends of Quintinha de São João,

I am sure that you will agree when I say that, when looking at some of our competitors’ blogs, it seems strange to see content from 3 or 4 years rather than what is going on NOW, as life is so different. Admittedly, with all that has been happening around us, the blog would not have been the main focus of attention so we felt it would make more sense to completely deactivate it, temporarily – which is what we did!

Now, after almost 4 months since reopening, we believe it is also time to re-start. The question is: What would be interesting for us to pass on to those who take the time to read this? The internal consensus of opinion was almost unanimous: – we need to ask those who are actually staying with us to write about their holiday experience at the Quintinha, travel and Madeira itself! What better than to hear from our guests themselves? It makes far more sense coming from them, than a commercial sounding approach from us.

For all those who have given us pleasure by staying with us in the past, we are pleased to say that all our staff and their families are in good health; we have had zero contact with covid19, so far and hope the statistics will remain the same for the future. We will soon be contacting you via email with a proposal for your next holidays with us; we hope you will find it both interesting and appealing!

So… we will now hand over to our guests but will always be at your entire disposal for anything; anything at all.

On behalf of all of us, here at Quintinha de São João, we wish you all the best and please, please stay safe!


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