I am the lucky one!  I am lucky in knowing the Quintinha.  I am lucky in being aware of the huge amount of green space in which it nestles.  I am lucky enough to have got to know each and every nook and cranny.  Lucky in feeling the love that dwells within.  And in feeling the loss of all those who have passed through our doors.

Without realising it, the Quintinha has been part of me even before I knew exactly what it was all about. I always remember my mother using the Quintinha as a place of reference to locate our house. It was something similar to, “You know where the Quintinha de São João is, don’t you? We live right behind.” I remember when I was learning to read, and wanting to read everything I saw through the car window whilst on the way to school. The Morgadinha, our restaurant, was a name that I made a point of attempting to read every day, until I could correctly say the polysyllables without a pause, without the typical spelling out of MOR-GA-DI-NHA. Only later did I realize the size of this “Quinta” and realize that behind this sign that I was so keen to read, existed our beautiful dining room and a world of history.

If you think that the Quintinha is just another hotel on our beautiful island, you are quite wrong. The Quintinha is a home, a house, a place where there is harmony, where people live and feel good. A place where people make a point of returning time and time again. Where they leave a little bit of themselves, along with the promise of returning soon.

A few days before I started working here, I already felt this love and this connection all around me. I remember after one of the last meetings I had with the General Manager of the hotel, I went to Reception to greet my future colleagues where I noted there was a couple there waiting to say “goodbye”. I thought it would be a simple “thank you and until next time”, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The next thing I knew, the couple were warmly embracing Nelio and Sara, the receptionists on duty that day, along with Rosie, our PR. It was an incredible image that showed all the affection and gratitude that customers have towards the hotel and, consequently, towards the staff. I thought, what a manifestation of love; what a relationship that has been created between customer and employee.  A complete revelation! Obviously this is not something that happens everywhere. This connection, this closeness, this sense of belonging and the feeling of being part of the family. These small gestures only demonstrate the large family that the Quintinha has become.

Our ambition is to discover the needs of our customers and satisfy them to the best of our ability. It is knowing them down to the minutest detail and making something happen even before the customer asks. And I think again: how lucky I am to have the privilege of being able to contribute to the lives of these people. And being part of your experiences, contributing to your happiness, being part of your family… Basically, being part of this huge family!