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It has been a long time coming…..too long in fact. The end result we must confess, however, is something we are incredibly proud of and has proved well worth waiting for. Finally, our new site sees the light of day, with an image that we hope you will find appealing and which we hope will help to sell our Quintinha de São João to all those considering spending their holiday in Madeira.

We may have changed our “site” but our personality remains very much the same. One of our guests put this into context when, on arrival, he exclaimed to us “arriving here makes it feels like the hotel is giving us a hug”. It is in exactly this way that we intend to greet all those who honour us with a visit.

We continue to follow along the same route that we have been pursuing for the past 19 years. The prospect of offering a unique experience which is different and genuine, whilst conveying what it is really like to live in a Madeiran Quinta as opposed to any other hotel. Focusing on a certain brand of hospitality that is inbred in us, brings to the forefront, the natural art of welcoming which is totally characteristic of its inhabitants.

Time goes by here. On it goes, slowly. No pressures or turbulence and always and forever with somebody ready to serve and help you. This is how we wish to be perceived and it is towards this end that we work on a daily basis, all 43 members of staff. Come and see for yourself!

I would like to leave a word of appreciation to all those who have been involved in the process of producing this new site. I do not wish to personalize this but, my feeling of gratitude, added to my sense of pride in the final result is so huge that it just had to be said. Bless you! We hope that you like the site, that you make use of it and preferably, start booking your holidays. Today!

André Barreto
General Manager