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The traditional “Missas do Parto” in Madeira

You are under the wrong impression if you think that Christmas time on the Island of Madeira is just a celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus. We are a bit more festive and convivial for that and have decided… Continue Reading →

Christmas lights on the Island of Madeira

From the 1st December onwards, the streets of Funchal start dressing up for the big day, as if they are preparing for a Gala. They are getting ready to shine and sparkle through the month of December until mid-January. This… Continue Reading →

How lucky am I to work in the Quintinha de São João?!

I am the lucky one!  I am lucky in knowing the Quintinha.  I am lucky in being aware of the huge amount of green space in which it nestles.  I am lucky enough to have got to know each and… Continue Reading →

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